strategy and analysis in areas of 

brain and mental health,

brain capital as well as neurotechnology and ethics

The 21st century will be the century of the brain. “Neuroscience is experiencing a renaissance”, as The Economist said in September 2022, helped by enormous advances in technology, from imagining and sensors, all the way to AI. Progress towards unwrapping the mystery of the brain comes at a time when brain health is more valued than ever. People care deeply about staying cognitively active throughout their lives and into the late years. Given demographic trends and the prevalence of brain disorders in older population, the burden is expected to rise exponentially in the next two decades. Elsewhere, insights from neuroscience are making an impact in education, environment, food, or spatial planning. They create the basis for impactful solutions through their insights into learning, cognition, or emotions. Finally, brain-derived technologies are gaining significance and will leave a mark on the future of computing and AI.


The century of the brain is upon us !




NeuroCentury is active at the intersection of science, policy, technology, and business.


It provides analytical insights and conceptual, strategic guidance for governments, international organisations and companies.


It offers business development support and tailor-made market positioning advice.


It aims at impact and engages in public policy advocacy in Europe and globally.



Given how close neuroscience and neurotechnology come to the essence of what it means to be human, strong ethical norms must be a precondition of progress in brain science and brain medicine. Implementation of the principles of ethics by design requires joint effort of ethicists, philosophers, and neuroscientists,

working with patients, their communities and other interest groups.

NeuroCentury designs governance frameworks for neuroscience and neurotechnology projects.

It is engaged in the elaboration of public policy approaches to human-centric technology.



Named one of the ten most promising emerging technologies by the OECD, neurotechnology is booming, helping paralysed people to walk again and offering hope to visually impaired.

Neurotechnology can provide therapeutic solutions where traditional approaches fail. Contrary to pharmaceuticals, which have to cross multiple tissue barriers to act on their target, neurotechnology forms a direct link. NeuroCentury provides strategy and business development support to neurotechnology companies. It also contributes to the building of an inclusive neurotechnology medicine platform which allows for mutual synergies in bringing research results to the market.

Brain Capital


In the 21st century, cognitive skills and abilities are essential for the accomplishment of socio-economic objectives. Therefore, building brain capital is fundamental for meeting modern societal challenges and driving innovation.

NeuroCentury is actively engaged in designing neuroscience-inspired public policies, including in the fields of education, environment, climate and food.



Seen as our ability to cope with everyday pressures, realize our potential and contribute to the communities around us, good mental health is an essential aspiration of

well-functioning societies.

As Thomas Insel writes in the book “Healing”, mental health problems are medical, but the solutions are not just medical - they are social, environmental, and political.

NeuroCentury designs mental health strategies and engages in promoting digital innovation to support the rollout of essential care and services.



A healthy brain requires a life course approach that starts from neurodevelopment in early childhood and goes all the way to healthy and active ageing.

NeuroCentury designs brain health strategies and their implementation pathways. It crafts brain health services and methods to mainstream prevention. Through its technology focus, it supports diagnostic and therapeutic breakthroughs. NeuroCentury champions the onset of neuromonitoring as part-and-parcel of standard clinical practice.

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NeuroCentury is led by Paweł Świeboda,

an experienced executive, policy strategist and science manager, with a mission to transform health systems to reflect the growing centrality

of the brain.


  • Practice Lead Neurotechnology, International Center for Future Generations

  • Senior Visiting Fellow, European Policy Centre

  • Senior Advisor for Brain Health at FIPRA 

  • Member of the Steering Committee of the Brain Capital Alliance