22 września 2023

Brain Days at 
the United Nations 
Science Summit, 
New York

Two fascinating Brain Days at the United Nations Science Summit in New York are just behind us. This was an unprecedented occasion to craft the brain agenda at the global level. The first day, superbly hosted by the European Brain Council, focused on brain health and brain research and led to a Call to Action to Member States urging for the recognition of the urgency and importance of addressing the global burden of #brain disorders, which affect over 2 billion people worldwide, and for brain health to be more prominently placed on the global agenda: https://www.braincouncil.eu/wp-content/uploads/2023/09/UNGA78-CTA-Final.pdf


Paweł Świeboda, the Founder and Director of NeuroCentury, chaired the second day devoted to Brain Capital Building and more specifically how Brain Deals Can Harness AI and Drive Sustainable Development Goal Implementation by 2030. We were honoured to have Governor Jay Inslee of Washington open the event. A spectacular journey followed and we featured the UN launches of:


We then looked in-depth at brain and mental health, education and workforce development, economic security and resilience, green brain capital, brain capital and the built environment and neuroscience-inspired law. The Brain Capital Alliance, as an emerging public-private partnership, will now take forward this agenda based on the notion of the centrality of brain skills and brain health. The event in New York will be looked back at as the trigger of an important and impactful movement!